How a 26-year-old Munich-based private equity intern spends:

  • SALARY: I make €28,000 ($31,167.22) per year as a private-equity intern based in Munich. My salary will be much higher with my upcoming contract. I have asked for a raise before. I was nervous from the inside out, but kept my calm and reminded myself that I was worth more than I was asking and that they would be able to see that as well. It went smoothly and the next paycheck included a 20% raise!

  • SAVINGS: I have about $12,000 in my American account and about €4,000 in my German bank account.

  • MONTHLY EXPENSES: I pay €1,000 per month for my share of a city center apartment with one roommate. I put away 10% of every paycheck into an annual maturity certificate through my bank. This serves as a retirement savings account. I pay €100 per month for mandatory student health insurance. I bought my gym subscription for half off, which brought the total to €15 monthly.

  • INVESTING: I had my father's guidance for this, which helped immensely (he works in finance). We doubled the initial investment which paid for all of my undergrad education at a well-ranked school. 

  • DEBT: I'm about €30,000 in debt for my Graduate schooling in France (€15,000 government, €15,000 from my father). My monthly payments are set at €215, but I try to pay anywhere between €500 and €1000. I want to pay off even larger lump sums so I can take care of the governmental aid within 18 months at the latest. Interest rates are high and I would rather see that extra money going into a currency trading fund! 

  • SPENDING VICTORY:  My horse. I paid for his monthly expenses while in Uni, and do not regret any of the hours I worked towards his expenses. 

  • SPENDING REGRET: I like to watch my spending very carefully for little things and not overspend, so every few months I can really splurge on a designer item or a fun trip. I guess I regret spending so much on my master's program when I could have completed an equally rated program in Germany or Switzerland for a fraction of the cost.

  • IF I WON THE LOTTERY: I really want to point out that most of the answers I read in this section perturb me. We, most likely, all follow financial industry news. I see so many answers that are centered around short term happiness. I would take half of the lottery winnings (and I'm guessing we're speaking of dream lottery winnings which would be millions) and invest in diverse markets. This would be aimed at growing my winnings and supporting my future in a big way. Plus, it would be really cool to 'buy' into a start-up and help them grow from the beginning!

  • GOALS: I want to be making €90,000 by the time I am 30. I have a 40,30,30 spending split of 40% toward apartment costs, 30% toward dinners and fun things with friends, and 30% toward investing (10% towards retirement, 10% into stocks, 10% into currency investing). Later on, I would like my investments to be the majority of my income and my job to be necessary because I enjoy this field, not because I need a monthly income.