How a 31-year-old Denver-based software developer spends:

  • SALARY: I make $104,000 per year as a software developer in Denver, Colorado. This past year I took on a lot more responsibility at work, so I asked for a 20% raise, they gave me 16% which I am happy with.

  • SAVINGS: I have $10,000 in savings. 

  • MONTHLY EXPENSES: My partner and I pay $2500 per month to rent a two bedroom townhouse. I pay for my own healthcare plan and contribute to a 401(k). I pay $13 per month for Hulu, $42 per month for YouTubeTV, $140 per year for an NHL package, $85 per month for Massage Envy, and roughly $30 per month for a Project Fi phone.

  • INVESTING: I Invested $8,000 over the past few years in stocks, using the app Robinhood. I try to invest in companies where I use their products and understand what they are doing and that has worked well for me.

  • SPENDING VICTORY:  Travel, I try to budget well when I go on a trip, but I think the experience is always worth more than the money.

  • SPENDING REGRET: Late night online shopping, later on, whatever I bought doesn't seem so great or necessary, or I stop using it pretty quick.

  • CHARITY: This year I contributed to several political campaigns, other than that I give to local homeless charity and support artists on Patreon.

  • IF I WON THE LOTTERY: I would buy a house. 

  • GOALS: I want to save up to own property. Not in the city we live since its so expensive, we hope to buy something cheaper for a weekend getaway or place to rent out, somewhere closer to the mountains.