How a 28-year-old Saint Paul, Minnesota-based independent book publicist spends:

  • SALARY:  I make $90,000 per year as an independent book publicist. At all of my corporate jobs, I negotiated for promotions with raises and got them.

  • SAVINGS: In our joint savings we have about $10,000.

  • MONTHLY EXPENSES: My husband & I recently bought a house, so my half of the mortgage is about $1,000/month. I pay for my own health insurance. We pay $200 for a family gym membership (split between my husband & I), $150 for pet insurance for our two dogs, roughly $200 on bills & utilities (cable, electric, etc.). I also contribute to a few of my favorite artists' Patreons, which comes out to $50 each month. We use my parents' Netflix account and have been thinking about adding Hulu but haven't done so yet. 

  • DEBT: I actually just fully paid off my student loans this year (YAY!), but am now in debt with my mortgage. We're working to pay extra on top of the monthly bill (of about $2,000) in order to pay it off faster. 

  • INVESTING: I have 401Ks from previous corporate jobs that I need to roll over into a Roth IRA. It's my goal for next year to get my independent retirement accounts in order! 

  • SPENDING VICTORY: Moving! I lived in NYC for a long time, and hit a wall and ended up moving across the country to Seattle. It was expensive for sure, and risky, but I'm SO glad I trusted in myself and made such a major change. Also, any money I've spent on my animals (2 dogs and a cat) is always very well spent! 

  • SPENDING REGRET: A million little things that added up to a lot! I'm glad I went out a lot for dinner & drinks in my post-college years in NYC, but I definitely could have been WAY better with saving and thinking about my future financial goals. 

  • CHARITY: I donate monthly to RAGOM, which is a Golden Retriever rescue based in the Midwest (where I live now) that I volunteer with. I also donate to the other rescue I volunteer with, the Minnesota Newfoundland Rescue.

  • GOALS: Beefing up my retirement account! I started my own independent company a year ago and it's been on my list from the start to get in order. I'm finally making steps to combining all of my individual retirement accounts and getting serious about investing.