How a 37-year-old Los Angeles-based copywriter and content specialist spends

  • SALARY: I make $115,000 per year as a copywriter and content strategist based in Los Angeles. I live with my husband, who makes a salary and bonuses at work; we both put our money toward the shared expenses listed below. I have negotiated my salary before and have had good and bad reactions. Either way, you're putting yourself out there by making known what you do each day. That too can be good or bad, depending on how you follow up. 
    SAVINGS: I have $100,000 in my savings account right now. I save $675 each month.
    MONTHLY EXPENSES: I spend $4,200 on housing each month. My mortgage is $3,922 monthly, while housing association fees are $310 per month. We also pay $50 for gas and $50 for electric each month. Our childcare monthly expenses are $1,500. I pay $150 for car insurance and I spend roughly $500 on groceries each month. Our phone bill is around $100, and our internet bill is $44. I contribute to my 401(k) and health insurance each month.
    INVESTING: I've used Robinhood and more recently bought into stock portfolios.
    DEBT: I am not in debt. 
    SPENDING VICTORY: My first home, a very modest two bedroom in a growing neighborhood in Pittsburgh, was the best thing I spent money on.
    SPENDING REGRET: A good five-year chunk of my twenties was just stupid. I spent so much on dumb things when I could have been saving and investing. There's no one specific item, but rather a general haze of nearsightedness that haunts me. 
    CHARITY: I most recently donated to Direct Relief.
    SIDE HUSTLE: I occasionally write freelance articles as a side hustle.

- She Spends / Issue #35