How a 58-year-old Maryland-based college instructor spends:

  • SALARY: I make $90,000 annually as a college instructor at a major university. I have asked for a raised and received one. It was not a big one, but enough.
  • SAVINGS: I have about $60,000 in my savings right now.
  • MONTHLY EXPENSES: I spend $3,000 per month on my mortgage. I contribute to a 401(k) and I pay for my health insurance. I also pay for Netflix, Amazon, The Washington Post and Verizon cable each month.
  • INVESTING: I currently am investing through mutual funds. I have a couple that are separate from my employer-sponsored 401(k) account.
  • DEBT: Our only debt is our first home mortgage, which we've refinanced and spaced out the debt to lessen the impact of buying at the top of the real estate market.Otherwise, we buy all our cars with cash and pay off our credit cards every month.
  • SPENDING VICTORY: I may not think so in a few years, but a vacation home nearby for my family.
  • SPENDING REGRET: I regret buying my current home at the top of the market before the crash. I could have waited.
  • CHARITY: The last two charities I donated to were The Humane Society of the United States, in the wake of the weather devastation; and a GoFundMe funeral account for a friend's family devastated by the suspected suicide of their head of household.
  • SIDE HUSTLE: I do freelance editing and I'm always volunteering for something that will enhance my resume. Currently I'm an officer with my neighborhood association and directory editor.
  • GOALS: If I won the lottery, I would buy a Tesla sedan. It hits all the right notes, luxurious, socially responsible, fast and handsome. And I love cars!

- She Spends / Issue #33

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