How a 24-year-old Indianapolis-based event planner spends:

  • SALARY: I make $35,000 per year as an event planner based in Indianapolis.
  • SAVINGS: I have about $2,100 in my savings account. 
  • MONTHLY EXPENSES: I pay $750 per month for rent. I contribute to a 401(k) at work, and I’m still on my parents’ healthcare plan. I also pay for Spotify each month.
  • DEBT: I have about $1,700 in credit card debt at the moment and I am throwing every extra dollar I can at paying it down. I also have around $28,000 in student loans that I try to pay more than the minimum on every month. When my pup gets older, I will probably get a part-time job serving like I did in college so I can pay off my student loans faster. I plan to have my credit cards paid off by the end of next year and I want to have my student loans paid off before I'm 30.
  • SPENDING VICTORY: I recently adopted a puppy because I live alone and have been wanting a dog for my entire life, basically. Dogs, and pets in general, can be pretty expensive once you factor in food, vet bills, doggy daycare, membership to an off-leash dog park and all the toys/goodies I buy to spoil her with, but I couldn't be happier with my decision. I live alone and I'm pretty introverted; the last time I lived alone I wouldn't leave my apartment all weekend but now I have my pup and we go on adventures together all the time. Plus, I get someone to cuddle with at night.
  • SPENDING REGRET: I have two! I lost my car key at a music festival and had to pay $300 on the spot to get a new key made. It was the dumbest thing I have ever done and I still regret being such an idiot and losing my key to this day. The other is a couch that I was super excited about. It was $700. The stupid couch has USB ports to charge phones (which was like half of the reason I bought it) and the couch electrocuted my iPhone and now it's dead. So I'm a little bitter about that and I am not happy at all about the couch. I would say this stupid couch is now a HUGE spending regret. 
  • CHARITY: The last charity I contributed to was Planned Parenthood. 
  • GOALS: My short-term money goals are to pay off my credit cards and student loans. I am also saving for a trip to Morocco, which I hope to take within the next year. Long term, I want to become more financially literate so I can understand investing and stocks.

- She Spends / Issue #27