What to Pack to Cut Back on Travel Costs

Going on a summer vacation? Or a quick weekend jaunt to the beach? Planning what to pack is important, not only for having a good time but also to save money. Here are some things you can bring on your next trip to cut back on costs. 

Refillable Water Bottle
This one is a no-brainer. Airport water bottles can cost upwards of $4, and that adds up quickly while traveling. Instead, cut back on waste and pack a reusable bottle. Carry it around the whole trip to save. 

Portable Charger
Have you ever had a phone emergency while traveling? Your phone dies, forcing you to buy a coffee to take advantage of coffee shop outlets and WiFi. Avoid the situation by bringing a portable phone charger ahead of time. These run around $20 apiece but are worth it when traveling abroad. 

Pack Breakfast
Bring your favorite oatmeal packets or granola bars to the next hotel or Airbnb you stay in. This will save money for other, larger meals, and it will help you to get your day started more quickly. 

Extra undies and socks
A necessity when traveling: you never want to run out of socks or underwear. For a week’s worth of travel, pack at least ten of each. You never know when you’ll get caught in the rain, and wet socks are something nobody wants to have. 

Library Books
Perhaps one of the most appealing shops at an airport or train station is the bookstore. Something about buying a light, fluffy read to crack into while traveling is irresistible, but the cost can add up. Borrow a few beach reads from your local library and bring them along to avoid paying extra. You can also download the Overdrive app if you’re more of an e-reader!