What To Ask For Beyond A Raise

In the She Spends Guide to Getting a Raise, we mention that it’s important to have backup options in case a raise is not in the cards. Although many employers don’t always have the funds to show their appreciation for their workers, they are able to offer other benefits. In the hopes of making you aware of your options, we’ve shared some of the best benefit options below. Have you negotiated for something other than money? Let us know on Twitter @she_spends or in our Facebook group.

More Vacation Days
One of the most straightforward asks around, more paid vacation days are an awesome way to get compensated for good work. You can use the time to take a trip or just to relax. 

Flexible Work Hours
Flexible work hours are a win-win for the employer and the employee. They give your schedule a bit of time to breathe and oftentimes make you a better worker. You can ask to start and leave the office later or earlier, or perhaps you have a physical or mental ailment that would be helped by taking a day or two off per month. Make sure you define the structure of flexible work hours before asking your boss for it. More ideas can be found via Werk.

Continuing Education
Want to transition into a more senior role at the office, but struggling to take the time to complete education requirements? Ask for them at an annual review. Many employers have programs where they’re able to reimburse you for education related to your job. You can look into classes available through General Assembly or at a local community college to improve your skills and become a better employee. 

Payment for Conferences
Conferences are great opportunities for building your network, but they cost a lot of money. Find a conference that would improve your work, and then propose that your employer foots the bill instead of giving you a raise. You increase visibility for your company and make important connections while also improving your own skills and perhaps even traveling. 

A Title Change
We don’t often recommend title changes without the proper compensation. When an employer really can’t pay you more, a title change could be valuable for future job hunting prospects. Look at what titles are most valued in your field to determine what may be the best option. 

Dues for a Professional Membership
Like conferences, dues for a membership to a professional organization can be helpful to both you and your employer. It increases your employer’s visibility and helps you become a better worker by encouraging education and continued growth. It’s also likely much cheaper to pay for a professional organization membership than a full-on raise. We’ll take it!

Reimbursement for Commuting
There’s nothing worse than an expensive commute, right? Many employers offer a commuter benefit, which pays for your commute with pre-tax dollars. Other employers might offer a small stipend for the cost of traveling to and from work, especially for interns. This can be for gas or a public transportation commuter pass.

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #44

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