Welcome To The She Spends Savings Challenge: Week Three

Welcome to week three of the She Spends savings challenge! As a reminder, use the #SheSpendsSavingsChallenge as a hashtag and update us on your progress in the Facebook group! 

This week, we’re focusing on building our earning potential. There are two ways to grow the amount of money in your bank account. You can cut back on your spending while keeping your income the same, or you can increase your income. This week, we'll focus on a few ways to do the latter.

There are several ways to grow your income. You can, of course, ask for a raise. You can also consider a side hustle.  

One of the fastest ways to grow your income, though, is to find a new job. When you ask for a raise, you typically can achieve a 10% increase in salary at the very most. Typically, though, that boost from a raise tends to hover closer to 5%. In order to truly push up your earnings, it's important to look outside the walls of your office.

It can be intimidating to start, so we recommend checking out our guide to refreshing your career. The guide walks you through creating a resume, cover letter and thank you note for your job applications.

Following that, tap into your network. Check out our guide to networking, and then once you've built that network, think about what you can ask for from them.