Welcome To The She Spends Savings Challenge: Week Two

Welcome to week two of the She Spends savings challenge! As a reminder, use the #SheSpendsSavingChallenge as a hashtag and update us on your progress in the Facebook group! 

This week, we’re focusing on cutting back. There is a myriad of ways to save money, and we wanted to highlight some of the most effective. 

To start, ensure that you’re using all programs made available through your employer. They may offer a commute program, therapy, gym discounts and other perks. Check in with your HR department to see what programs you may be missing out on. 

Try meal prepping or packing your lunch every day this week. I find that buying groceries for different weekly meals, without picking exact days that I will eat everything on is a huge help. If I’m feeling like cooking, I’ll make a more in-depth recipe, but I have the option to make something easy too. Check out our meal prep and desk lunch guides for tips on how to make the process more enjoyable.

If you haven’t yet, open a high-yield savings account and transfer your savings there. Returns still aren’t high, but you’ll make a bit more than you would by keeping your money in a traditional savings account. 

Let us know if you complete these challenges! I’ve made it a goal to pack my lunches for work next week, and will be sharing the results on the She Spends Instagram.