Want to Find a New Job? Try One of These Databases

Not all companies are created equal, especially for women and people of color. Thankfully, there exist several platforms where women can share their workplace experiences, and use information from others to find a new job. This week we rounded up a few of our favorites. 

InHerSight is a job searching platform that allows women to rate their employers. When you consider applying for jobs, you are able to see information on the companies and can choose to apply based on what you value. Values on the site include opportunities for women in management, flexible hours, female representation in top leadership and family growth support, among others.  

Good for POC
Good for POC is a database of tech companies with job openings that are both safe and inclusive for people of color. The site relies on anonymous surveys of current and former employees to share information about diversity initiatives of the companies featured. 

Tech Ladies
Tech Ladies is a fantastic community of women. It also has a job connection component. One has to belong to the group’s website to browse job listings that are curated just for women in tech. The New York Times, Foursquare and Viacom have all hired women through Tech Ladies. 

Werk is a job board offering flexible work situations for women who want different types of options for work. These include remote work opportunities, partially office-based jobs, low-travel options, unconventional hours or part-time work. There is a fee to join ($48 for job seekers), but for many, the flexibility is worth it. 

Power to Fly
Power to Fly is a digital recruiter with job opportunities that fit women’s needs. Companies that list their jobs on Power to Fly agree to value diversity and inclusion. The group also offers resources like webinars on growing your career and IRL events to work on similar topics. 

FairyGodBoss is an awesome hub for female-friendly jobs. The group crowdsources information from women on salaries, benefits and bonuses. Companies that list jobs on the site are ranked based on this crowdsourced information. Fairygodboss also allows women to share career advice. 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #38

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