She Spends Guide To Getting That Raise: Part Two, Prep

Welcome to part two of our three-part guide to getting that raise! This week we're discussing how to prepare for the ask once you've got your research down. We'd love for you to share how you do it on social media - tag us on Instagram and Twitter, or use the hashtag #howshesaves. We'll highlight some of our successful readers in the coming weeks. 

Once you've gathered information on what you're asking for, you need to schedule a time to actually ask for a raise. Does your company have an official system in place to ask for money? If it does, go with the flow and ask for money when it's time. But if your company is like most, it may not have an official review process in place. This is what your human resources department is for! Make time to ask an HR representative about how exactly you'd go about asking for a raise. They'll be able to tell you who exactly to ask, and whether your company has an official process in place for it. And if your company doesn't have an HR department? Ask a few trusted co-workers or go to your direct boss. 

Once you've determined who you need to ask, send them an email about scheduling a time to talk. If you have a stronger rapport with your boss, you can also ask them in person to schedule a meeting. 

Once you have a meeting scheduled, you may want to practice your "elevator pitch" to make your case for getting a raise. A sample script could go like this: "I wanted to meet with you to talk about my compensation. I've been with the company for x amount of time, and in that time period, I achieved the following." Then, you list a few very specific examples of the ways you went above and beyond at your company. Follow with the ask. "I want to ask for x amount of money. I did research on the current market rate for this sort of position. Based on that research, I think it's a reasonable ask." Have that research ready to go in case your boss or manager asks for it. 

Once you have practiced your pitch once or twice, you're ready to go! Pick out an outfit that you feel confident in, strike a few power poses and get ready to get what's yours! 

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #16

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