Your resume and cover letter are on point and you’ve built a fantastic network. It comes as no surprise, then, that you not only have a job offer, but that you also have more than one. It’s an awesome feeling, but it can be scary to make a decision. How do you know you’ll love working somewhere without actually doing it? Here’s how to handle multiple job offers and come out on top. 


At She Spends, we’re all about practical advice. We’re excited by New Year’s resolutions, but we want to make sure our resolutions are things we can achieve in a year. Here is our guide to achieving some money and career resolutions. Some of these were shared by members of our Facebook group, while others are our own. Check them out, and share on social media what your resolutions are. 

How To Identify An MLM (And How to Avoid Joining One)

It’s 3 p.m. on a Wednesday and you’re wildly bored at work. You log into Facebook, maybe to take a peek at what’s happening in the She Spends group. A chat pops up. It’s a woman you tangentially knew in high school that you haven’t cared to ax from your friends list. The calming playlist you curated for work breaks like these suddenly gives way to horror movie music. You open the message.

“Hey girl!! So… long time no talk, but I wanted to reach out because I know you have a passion for working out like me! I just became a Beachbody consultant and I wanted to share their AMAZING product with you!”

The three little dots continue to blink. She’s still typing. You know the pitch for Shakeology is coming, but you don’t know how to escape. You dash off a message: “Hey girl! Sorry, I’m not interested in diets. But thanks!” You close the browser, pull out your earbuds and take a deep breath. There’s sage in your desk drawer. Is it insane to light it at work?

The Weight Loss Industry Is Exploiting Women. Here's How We Can Change That

How many times have you decided to go on a diet? For me, it’s certainly been too many times to count. Eventually, my diet and severe food allergies led to an eating disorder, which is a story so many women can tell. 

Of course, the issue is systemic. Our desire to lose weight comes from many sources. We can choose to blame magazines, our mothers, the scale or mean boys on the playground, but we should also take a look at the way the weight-loss industry, one that has been steeped in sexism for years, is taking advantage of one of our greatest insecurities.