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Own It: The Power of Women at Work: Sallie Krawcheck on women in the workplace. 

Tales from the Boom-Boom Room: Women Vs. Wall Street: Susan Antilla on sexual misconduct that was rampant on Wall Street.

Suits: A Woman on Wall Street: Nina Godiwalla on what Wall Street is like for women. 

Get A Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties: Beth Kobliner on budgeting during your first few jobs. 

All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan: A book on personal finance by Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi.


NerdWallet: The best website for figuring out what credit cards and loans work for your credit score. 

Student Loan Hero: If you have ANY questions about your student loans, this is the site to visit. 

LearnVest: A great financial planning site started by women!

Ladies Get Paid: An amazing community of women devoted to bridging the wage gap. 

Get Bullish: Legitimate career advice from a real life entrepreneur. 

Are You A Shopaholic?: Find out through Dr. April Benson's website.

BetterBrave: If you're being sexually harassed at work, this is the site to visit. 

Bravely: Toxic workplace? Bravely offers off-the-record support to employees with bad bosses. 


Bad With Money : Gaby Dunn's podcast, Bad With Money, addresses both systemic financial problems and personal finance.

HerMoney : Jean Chatzky provides helpful financial advice on her weekly podcast. 

The Payoff : Mic.com's weekly podcast on personal finance provides actionable personal finance advice. 

Moneysplained: Ally-Jane Grossan provides a fresh take on financial literacy. 




Credit Karma: Check up on your credit score here!

YNAB: Start budgeting your take home pay.

Acorns: Invest your spare change!

Betterment: Low fee, transparent investing in ETFs. 

Stash: Invest in ETFs using an app. 

Ask For It: Ask for a raise.

Girls Who Invest: Want to work in asset management? Girls Who Invest can help you get there.

The Debt Collective: Take control of your debt and dispute predatory lending.

Mind The Gap: Ellevest's guide to closing the wage gap.

Emily's List: Donate to get more women in political office. Or run for something yourself!

2020 Women on Boards: Get women on board seats to major companies!

He Said Whaaat?: Share stories of sexism in the workplace. 

The Lola Retreat: Take a weekend to revamp your personal finance.

Savvy Ladies: Connect with a financial adviser - for free!