Homa Woodrum on Advocating for Elderly and Disabled People

Homa Woodrum has a lot to say about the field of law. She works as an advocacy attorney for Nevada’s Aging and Disability Services Division of the Department of Health and Human Services, advocating on behalf of disabled and elderly people in her state. Woodrum discussed her career in law, life as an immigrant, having a child with food allergies and professional loneliness with She Spends.

Tiffany Yannetta on How to Run A Freelancing Business

After a round of layoffs from media company Vox, Racked’s now-former shopping director Tiffany Yannetta found herself out of a job. With her severance package as a cushion, she embarked on full-time freelance work that includes writing copy for Italian shoe brand M.Gemi and stories for New York magazine and GQ, among other publications. Yannetta sat down with She Spends to share her best practices for running your own business, why being nice is important and the email habit she’s trying to break.

Christie Hamilton on How Networking and Curiosity Powers Her Career

Although the asset management industry is predominantly controlled by older white men, Christie Hamilton is starting to make waves. She works as an investment director at Children's Health Investment Office in Dallas, Texas, and spoke with She Spends about how she got her start and her advice for young women in the field, along with how to juggle work while raising a young daughter.

Lily Ciric Hoffmann on How She Prioritizes Lifelong Learning

The founder of an early-stage startup that helps users reach their learning goals, Lily Ciric Hoffmann has a unique career path. She immigrated to the United States from Serbia and went to a community college, where she received an associate degree in multimedia. Shehustled to eventually become part of a team at the East Valley Tribune, where she and her team won a Pulitzer Prize for an investigation into Joe Arpaio.

Since then, she began working for herself. Hoffmann is a digital media consultant who leads workshops around the world, in addition to working as a college professor. Her latest project is Knewaira, an early-stage startup focused on helping users reach their learning goals.

Amanda Gutterman on Breaking Into Cryptocurrency As A Woman

With cryptocurrencies and blockchain hot on everyone’s lips, more people are looking to join in the controversial investing world but don’t know where to start. Enter Amanda Gutterman, chief marketing officer of Consensys, an Ethereum-based blockchain software technology company. As a female entrepreneur and leader in the crypto-community, Gutterman is working to bring more women into crypto and create an environment that truly personifies shine theory. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Jeanne Thompson on Re-Entering the Workforce After Having Children

Jeanne Thompson did what many new mothers struggle to do: continue an upward trajectory at work despite leaving the workforce for more than four years to start her family in the late ‘90s. The senior vice president of thought leadership at financial services firm Fidelity says she was able to re-enter the workforce through strategy and leveraging her relationships in the workplace.

Courtney Richardson on Building and Representing Black-Owned Businesses

Courtney Richardson’s sunny personality and bright lipstick shines seconds upon meeting her. The founder and CEO of Do It For The Brand, a full-service strategic public relations firm based in New York City, focuses on “making the impossible possible for emerging women-owned brands and personalities of color.” She spoke to She Spends about what it takes to start your own business, how to grab your wallet and support women and people of color in business, and tips on keeping her skin and hair looking flawless.

Melanie Elturk on How Her Side Hustle, Haute Hijab, Became Her Full-Time Job

Back in 2010, Melanie Elturk and her husband, Ahmed Zedan, were working day jobs as an attorney and a marketing specialist. The two started a side hustle based on Elturk’s interest in fashion and a gap they noticed in the market — modest clothing.

Joyce Dubensky on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

At this time of great reckoning, women -- at every level of power -- are speaking out about sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Joyce Dubensky, CEO of Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, a secular, non-sectarian nonprofit that works to dismantle religious violence and hatred, sat down with She Spends on two occasions to discuss sexual harassment in the workplace and how to better engage male allies. This is an excerpt from our two separate hour-long conversations.   

Racked's Alanna Okun on Covering Money, Her Upcoming Book and Her Spending Habits

Sitting down to talk with Racked senior editor Alanna Okun is fun. She’s bubbly and kind, and she instantly puts you at ease. 

It’s not hard to imagine, then, Okun talking with readers of the shopping news website about a notoriously difficult subject — money — given her disposition.