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Melanie Elturk on How Her Side Hustle, Haute Hijab, Became Her Full-Time Job

Back in 2010, Melanie Elturk and her husband, Ahmed Zedan, were working day jobs as an attorney and a marketing specialist. The two started a side hustle based on Elturk’s interest in fashion and a gap they noticed in the market — modest clothing.

Women Are Dominating The Health App Space

Have you ever been to a doctor who dismissed your health concerns?  For years, women’s needs haven’t been adequately met by traditional health providers and are even treated less aggressively in their initial treatment than men; Joe Fassler wrote in The Atlantic about how his wife nearly died from ovarian torsion because her pain was not taken seriously at the emergency room.

That Fundraising Gap In Venture Capital? Yeah, It's Huge.

A huge investment gap is crushing female-run startups. Venture capitalists - investors with a lot of money who use it to fund startups - are investing way less in women-led startups than those led by men. Fortune reported in March that women-led companies made up just 4.9% of the startups that received investments from venture capitalists.