Women Are Dominating The Health App Space

Have you ever been to a doctor who dismissed your health concerns?  For years, women’s needs haven’t been adequately met by traditional health providers and are even treated less aggressively in their initial treatment than men; Joe Fassler wrote in The Atlantic about how his wife nearly died from ovarian torsion because her pain was not taken seriously at the emergency room.

Now, women are beginning to solve this problem with a new crop of health apps. Three female-founded apps in particular have caught our attention: Maven, Clue and askTia. 

Maven, founded by former venture capital investor Katherine Ryder, is a digital health clinic that offers quick checkups. The app gives users access to nutritionists, mental health professionals, prenatal and postpartum providers, along with pediatrics and general health checkups, for fees often lower than your copay. You can schedule video appointments and send messages to doctors through the app. 

In June, the app raised $11 million in series A funding from venture capitalists, which means it’s on track to grow. 

Meanwhile, askTia, founded by Carolyn Witte, a former Google employee, and Felicity Yost, a former product manager at Owler, is an on-demand health consultant that can point you in the direction of appropriate birth control methods for your needs. 

The app is in beta right now, which means the product is fairly stable but still being tested rigorously, but it’s available for download in the App Store. You can chat with its bot to learn about different sexual health needs women have and new types of birth control. 

Also operating in the sexual health space, Clue is a period tracker for the data driven. Founded by lifelong entrepreneur Ida Tin the app allows you to track daily symptoms and predicts your cycle based on how you feel. You can even add a partner to the app so they can predict your menstrual cycle as well. 

By July, the app had roughly eight million active users. 

What are your favorite health apps founded by women? Share with us on Twitter or Instagram!

- Alicia McElhaney / She Spends Issue #22

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