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Alicia McElhaney

Founder / writer, $he $pends

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I am a business journalist living in Brooklyn. I also used to be really bad with money. By day, I would write stories on how stock pickers could mindfully invest in the market, yet by night, I would spend up to my credit card limit on shoes, bags or drinks out. After a year of living in New York, I had no savings, and I was scared. 

I knew something had to change, so I started talking about money with my friends and co-workers. It was, to say the least, difficult. I found out that a lot of people, even if they seemed like they had it together, had some major money issues. 

As I slowly began to get my own finances together, I knew I wanted to share what I was learning with others, especially other women. At the same time, I had about a year in the financial journalism industry under my belt. I talked to A LOT of men as sources for stories, but very few women. I, frankly, was tired of the boys club, and I wanted to make it so that Wall Street would be more welcoming down the road. This is how She Spends was born. It's a blend of personal finance and the big money picture. I am hoping to create a community of women who not only want to work on their own bank accounts, but also to tackle the major issues keeping women from achieving financial parity. 

Amanda Eisenberg

copy editor / producer, $he $pends

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I’m a New York City-based associate editor covering the latest human resources trends – I swear it’s more interesting than it sounds. I write about retirement savings (do you have 5% of your paycheck going into a 401(k)?), healthcare (a high deductible health plan with a health savings account will save you money) and sometimes, pet insurance! Working for a b2b magazine has made managing my money a lot easier. Although 15% of my paycheck is invested in ETFs and a retirement account, who among us hasn’t seen a pair of sparkly socks they truly needed? Wait, really? Just me? Anyway, I’m here to copy edit the newsletter and website, and I help track down amazing women and gender nonconforming individuals to dispense knowledge at She Spends.

Jemma Frost

designer / strategist, $he $pends

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I'm a UX Researcher living in Philadelphia. In 2016, I started my first full time job making decent money. I was okay with monthly budgeting, but totally lost on things like credit cards, 401K's and investing. Alicia and I went to grade school together, and when I saw her tweeting about a woman-focused financial newsletter, I knew I wanted to lend my skills to help make it happen... And here we are! I design the newsletter / website and guide big-picture collaboration sessions with Amanda and Alicia. Roadmaps, gantt charts, post-it notes, the works.