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How a Communications Specialist Bargain Shops for Work Clothes

At 24, I’d rather spend my money on “weekend clothes” (read: ripped jeans, ironic graphic tees, really big Free People sweaters and super impractical leather skirts), so I am an extreme workwear bargain-hunter. I never buy anything full price and I look for versatile pieces.

How a Muslim Designer Wears Her Faith to Work

How a Muslim Designer Wears Her Faith to Work

I made the choice to wear the hijab in the seventh grade. Making the decision was much easier for me than others given the community I grew up in; I attended Islamic school in New Jersey all the way through high school. I wore the hijab as part of my uniform starting in the fifth grade. My mother, most of my aunts and older cousins also wore hijab, so making the decision was not a leap for me. In fact, as a young girl, I looked up to all the women in my life who wore the hijab.

How a financial journalist thrifts her work wardrobe

When I was growing up, my mom and I spent a lot of time trawling thrift stores for diamonds in the rough. My family had a year or two when money was tight, and part of cutting back was shopping at Goodwill for new clothes. I distinctly remember finding a pair of jean shorts from Abercrombie at the local Salvation Army. That was the moment that taught me the magic of thrifting.

What A Reporter Wears To Work (During New York Fashion Week)

For this experiment, I took full-body selfies in the reflective exterior of the New York Racquetball Club across the street from my office. Tracking what I wore actually made me want to mix clothes I haven’t worn together yet; I tend to wear the same outfits and not get as much use out of some garments as others. Here’s what I wore this week.