Travel Money Diaries: Lauren in Austin, Texas

Anyone who knows me well knows that budgeting is not my thing. So when I travel, I tend to go in with the following game plan: Live like a queen for the days that I am out of town and then, when I get back, work overtime and only eat soup until I replenish my savings. With that in my mind, I thought that this blog post about my trip to Austin, Texas, would be the perfect opportunity to attempt conscientiousness with my travel spending. Having friends to stay with for free was an awesome way to start my new thrifty ways!

She Spends Gives Back

With Thanksgiving and the holidays ramping up, She Spends wants to reflect on the year. Women, especially women of color and those in the LGBTQ+ community, have gone through the ringer. Sexual harassment and assault. Restrictive measures against our healthcare and birth control. Run-of-the-mill sexism and racism everywhere from the workplace to Twitter. She Spends is fighting back.

Save Money Through Meal Prep (And No, It Doesn't Have to Be Boring!)

I love eating, and I love cooking, too. What I don’t love is coming home from a long day of work and spending 10 minutes staring into an empty refrigerator before I finally pull up Seamless and spending $15 for dinner. So I decided when I moved to New York from Chicago to try meal prepping. I figured it would allow me to always have something ready to go in the fridge and have the added benefits of saving my wallet and my waistline.

Avoid The Dry Cleaner to Save Your Budget and the Environment

But like that cup of coffee personal finance blogs have been warning you will add up to a sizable sum eventually, dry cleaning does make a dent in your budget. A more sustainable choice is to hand wash your clothes instead.