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Work Diary: A Week In The Life of An Associate Scientist

“Managing distractions is my BIGGEST challenge. I'm a huge fan of putting in headphones and ignoring everyone to get my work done. The best way for me to manage it is to focus on what I'm doing well and not feeling guilty for taking a break. I try to live by 30 minutes straight of hard work, and then a five-minute break to go get water or coffee or check my phone.”

Exactly How Much I Spent On Mental Health In One Year (And How I Cut Costs Doing It)

Today things are going to get a real at She Spends. We’re talking about mental illness, and the financial stressors it can cause. While we don’t get deep on trauma, this post could be triggering. Just a warning before you dive in!

Event Recap: How to Turn a Business Card Into A Relationship

Thank you to everyone who came out to the IA&A at Hillyer for our event with the Judy Greenwald Fund. It was so cool to meet so many women from our D.C. community in real life! It felt serendipitous that one of the pieces of art on the wall was called “Women in Labor,” which featured women working. For those who were unable to attend, we wanted to share a brief recap.

She Spends' December Favorites

She Spends' December Favorites

December was an exciting month at She Spends HQ. We announced our Betterment event, ran some of my favorite pieces, including a series on cryptocurrency and an interview with Veronica Dagher. We’re launching a new blog feature, where the three women behind She Spends share some of our favorites each month. Check out the first post below!

Travel Money Diary: Lainy and Sean in China

Travel Money Diary: Lainy and Sean in China

My fiancé Sean and I both subscribe to Scott’s Cheap Flights, a service that sends email alerts about flight deals. We didn’t end up using a flight deal from the service, but the emails helped to spark ideas for traveling and give a baseline on the average flight cost to certain areas. Because I work for a public school, I can only take long vacations over holidays. When we found an affordable flight to Beijing ($100 under the average cost) scheduled over Thanksgiving, we had to jump on it. We added Hong Kong to the itinerary for a few hundred more dollars. We spent $762.65 per person for the flights through JetBlue and its affiliates, Hainan and Hong Kong Airlines, which included two free checked bags and several meals. On the flight back, we ended up having to pay $15 each to sit together since our flight was changed and we didn’t know that we needed to re-assign our seats. 

To visit China for more than three days as a U.S. citizen, you need a special visa, which you obtain by visiting the Chinese consulate in New York. Sean’s brother Dan lives in New York and went to pick these visas up for us, which cost $200 per person. The visas allow for multiple entries and last for 10 years; we are already planning a trip back!

What To Do In The Wake of the Equifax Hack

You’ve probably heard by now that one of the major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, was hacked. And you’re probably worried about what you can do to protect your credit. After all, social security numbers, birthdays and addresses belonging to roughly half of all Americans were stolen in one of the largest hacks of all time.