Ellevest Launches #DisruptMoney Initiative

Our affiliate Ellevest is working on a new initiative to change the way women work within our financial system.

For the next three weeks, Ellevest, the robo-adviser created specifically for women, is highlighting two actions you can take to make the world of finance a little more equal for women. This week, those actions are investing to advance women and shopping at women-run companies. 

Sallie Krawcheck, the founder of Ellevest, says it best: “If millions of us disrupt our relationship with money, if millions of us demand change in our companies, if millions of us invest in other women, if millions of us demand women-friendly policies from government, we can change the game. And make our society a fairer one and our economy a stronger one.”

We’ve talked before at She Spends about the power of investing and shopping at female-friendly companies. We truly believe in the power of our wallets making a difference. So give it a shot. Sign up for Ellevest’s newsletter and let us know how you’re working to #DisruptMoney this month. We’ll be sharing some of our favorites on Instagram and in our Facebook group

Note: For every person who signs up for Ellevest’s newsletter, She Spends receives $3. If you choose to invest with Ellevest, we’ll receive $75 in return. These are little ways that you can help support the work we’re doing at She Spends.