Saving Face: Where and How to Find Face Masks For Less

A big part of skincare is face masking, whether it’s to pamper yourself or if your skin is unruly and needs a lot of clay and sheet masks to keep it in line. Either way, the spa days and products can get expensive. Fortunately, a lot of quality masks can be found for cheap, sometimes in unexpected places.


Some of them may not do exactly what the packaging says, but most of these masks just feel good and won’t hurt your skin, unless you’re hypersensitive. I’ve bought some great mud masks here. I should note that if you’re going to buy the L’Oreal masks, you might as well shell out for something more expensive at a beauty retailer.

Recommended mask: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Renewing Cucumber Peel-Off Gel Mask

Peeling it off is so satisfying, it doesn’t make a mess like some mud masks, plus the smell is very nice.

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Some of the masks sold at Target are just great. They usually fall between $2 and $5 and you can find both sheet and mud masks in individual packs. They’re also great for adding into gift baskets.

Recommended mask: Yes To Tomatoes line

They have both sheet and mud masks, and the clear skin/detoxifying ones I’ve tried aren’t too harsh, and leave your skin feeling clean but not dried out.

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Amazon is good for trying Korean beauty products, which, as you may know, flooded the international market in the past year. Another way to save money is to buy mud or gel masks in bulk.

Recommended mask: Dermal Collagen Essence Masks

These masks come in packs of 16 or 24 for about $10 or $13 — a steal! They also have different scents and features.

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Beauty subscription boxes

Most beauty subscription boxes like Sephora Play! and Birchbox can give you pricey one-use masks. For example I got a tube of Glamglow in one of my Sephora boxes. However, other services, like BoxyCharm, are more costly per month ($21 as opposed to Sephora Play’s $10) but provide full-size products, which is a deal. I’ve gotten a great gel mask tube from BoxyCharm that’s lasted four months.

Recommended mask:
It’s kind of the luck of the draw!

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Marshall’s or TJ Maxx

Marshall’s and TJ Maxx have recently expanded their beauty sections, and although you may have to hunt around, there can be some really good finds, particularly some Korean products.

Recommended mask: Brands change so much I can’t recommend a specific one, but I’ve found some amazing under-eye masks at Marshall’s.

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Sephora Collection masks are typically only $6 per mask,  which is a pretty good price. Plus, if you’re a Beauty Insider, you’re racking up those rewards points easily.

Recommended mask: Pomegranate Mask

For fatigue and soothing.

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Molly Ann Podlesny is a law student at Arizona State University based in Phoenix.