Saving Face: The Best Masks for Oily Skin

Masking is something I do probably two to three times a week. I personally use it to try and control my oily skin and as a means of relaxation. If you like to do the same, here are my recommendations:

Avatara Light Up face mask

Photo 1.JPG

Type: Sheet mask

Purpose: It’s meant to remove skin discoloration.

Time: The packaging says 10 to 20 minutes, so I did it for 15.

Price: $2.24 at Walmart

Results: It says store in refrigerator for maximum soothing, so I put it in there while I was showering and took it out right before I put it on. The coolness felt good, but you can get that from any sheet mask. I felt like it got rid of some redness but not my sun spots. It does say use weekly for best results, so perhaps that's why I didn’t notice anything there. Sheet masks can be found at low prices, but I think I prefer mud or oil-based because you can get them in a tube and they can last longer.

Type: Mud mask

Purpose: It’s meant to clear pores and blemishes, and helps with oiliness.

Time: The packaging says five to 20 minutes all over, or you can use it to spot treat. I did it for 15 minutes.

Price: A tub is typically $69 at most retailers. A smaller pot is $24.

Results: This stuff BURNED. It says not to use on sensitive skin and I see why. It dried my face right up and as it physically tightened, I felt like I could feel it sucking things out of my pores. Yes, that was probably my imagination, but they actually looked clear when I washed it off. I imagine if you use it often, you probably will see your pores shrink as well. I, however, only have a small tube enough for two uses, that I once got as a Sephora free sample.

Photo 4.JPG

Type: Gel

Purpose: This mask is meant to improve skin regeneration.

Time: I always leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing.

Price: $20 on Amazon for a 3.4 oz tube.

Results: I don’t really know what skin regeneration means, but I have been using this mask for a few months now (the same tube) and it leaves my skin feeling clean, supple and smooth. It also has a nice, light scent that I enjoy. (Editor’s Note: skin regeneration means the product helps increase the speed of skin cell turnover, making way for newer skin.)

Photo 6.JPG

Egg Mask

Photo 7.JPG

Type: DIY

Purpose: Tightening oily skin

Time: 30 minutes

Price: Free!

Results: I found this in this Reader’s Digest article and figured it was the only one in which I had all the ingredients at home so I gave it a shot. It helps tighten oily skin, which is perfect for me. It’s made of a beaten egg white and honey. I put one part honey to two parts egg white. It certainly made my skin feel tight. I didn’t really like how it felt, and I have many irrational salmonella fears so that scared me, but it acted as advertised.

Molly Ann Podlesny is a law student at Arizona State University based in Phoenix.