She Spends Celebrates Black History Month

At She Spends, we frequently discuss how women make 80 cents on the white man’s dollar. This month, we’re focusing on black women in honor of Black History Month. Did you know they only make 63 cents to every white man’s dollar?

Alicia and Amanda have interviewed four amazing black women for this month’s She Reps column, and we encourage you to support them, whether that’s by following them on social media, purchasing their products, shopping in their stores or attending one of their events.

Profiling more black women is something we're working on BEYOND February. We took a hard look at who we're profiling and the subjects we're covering, and we not only plan to increase coverage of women of color but also of people who are differently abled and are at different class levels.

In the meantime, we compiled a list of ways to amplify black women in other ways with the help of our Facebook group and the internet. Here are their suggestions, along with some research of our own.

  • Bank with the country’s largest black-owned bank, OneUnited Bank.
  • If you manage payroll or run a company, audit your employees’ salaries and find out if they lack pay equity.

  • Follow black writers on Twitter and support their writing, whether that’s sharing their work or buying their book. We’re big fans of:

Audie Cornish, a co-host of NPR’s "All Things Considered"

Monica Drake, assistant managing editor of The New York Times

Robin Givhan, fashion critic for The Washington Post

Jemele Hill, co-host of ESPN’s SportsCenter, The Six

Morgan Jerkins, associate editor at Catapult and author of This Will Be My Undoing

Dana L. Oliver, beauty director of Yahoo Lifestyle

April D. Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks

Elizabeth Wellington, fashion writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Donate to black politicians’ campaigns and Higher Heights.

  • Purchase cute goods for your apartment from Rayo & Honey, which are handcrafted in Brooklyn and combine urban pop culture, literature and a clean design aesthetic.

  • Add some spice to your food with Basbaas, the only authentic, packaged Somali line of hot sauces and chutneys currently available in the United States.

  • Use the Official Black Wall Street app to find local businesses owned by people of color.

  • Cook a vegan recipe from Sweet Potato Soul, a blog and cookbook created by Jenné Claiborne.

  • Support Black Girls Code, which encourages girls of color to enter STEM fields, with a financial donation or by volunteering to help at an event.

  • Read (or listen to!) On She Goes, a digital travel platform and podcast encouraging confident travel for women of color.

  • Learn about bitcoin and cryptocurrency from @bitcoinlady, who founded Satoshicentre.

  • Take a hip hop-inspired cycling class focused on diversity at Spiked Spin in New York.

  • Buying beauty products? Consider only buying from companies with inclusive ranges of foundation and concealer colors. Fenty Beauty and Pat McGrath Labs are both owned by women of color. Mented Cosmetics is also an awesome option. Purchase KAIKE products, which are tailored to women of color but will make everyone smell like cake.

  • Same goes for bras and underwear. Nubian Skin and Naja offer options in an inclusive range of colors.

  • Check out Navabella, a range of non-toxic candles made by a mother for her daughter.

In addition to supporting black-owned businesses, it’s also important to recognize the effect of racism in the workplace and in the world. We know that as three white women we must engage with other white people in advocating for women of color. In our own lives, we (Alicia, Amanda and Jemma) strive to call out white folks when we see problematic behavior. We encourage our white readers to do the same.