Introducing 'Saving Face'

Hey She Spends fam! We’re excited to announce that we’re working on a new #loosechange feature that’s all about being frugal when it comes to makeup, skincare and other beauty products.

It’s going to be called Saving Face, and we’re super excited about it! We collected some of our favorite frugal beauty tips from our Facebook group to get you started. Want to share yours? Pitch Amanda at aeisenberg17(at)gmail(dot)com with your ideas.

Alicia: Drugstore liquid eyeliner is literally the only eyeliner you need. I'm using Revlon right now. The Ordinary is an awesome way to get serums for cheap. I love the hyaluronic acid one. I bought a cheap long-handled scrub brush at Rite Aid and I use it to exfoliate. Never buy a scrub again! Kristin Ess hair care, which you can find at Target, literally changed my hair. No more frizz!

Jess: I used to pay $25 for one makeup brush at Sephora, but I recently discovered these amazingly cheap brush sets on Amazon! I don't do anything crazy with makeup so they're perfect for what I need.

Laura: I LIVE for Thayers alcohol-free Witch Hazel. Also, quality sunscreen you’re going to wear every day is always worth the investment. As a Very Pale Lady™️, better sunscreen means fewer burns and damage spots, which translates into less time and money at the dermatologist

Shayna: I am ALLLL about ShopMissA for cheap makeup. It's sometimes hit or miss but all ONE DOLLAR. I get a lot of stuff from them. They carry some ELF stuff, which is always nice, but their AOA brand that they're investing more in has been nice too!

Dannielle: Coconut oil is a great makeup remover!

Tarika: Colourpop is my #1 secret to budget makeup. Pretty close to high-end quality but drugstore (and the low end of drugstore, really) prices. Plus they have sales all the time. You can easily DIY a lot of skincare. I'm highly suspicious of fancy skincare products because I think they're mostly pseudo-scientific claims + branding. Lip scrub = brown sugar and coconut oil. Super hydrating body moisturizer = Gold Bond lotion with coconut oil. Fancy face oil = $5 bottle of argan oil from TJ Maxx. I'm pretty sure most face oils are just argan oil diluted with other stuff.  I was unsure about subscription bags at first, but now I'm fairly confident that my Ipsy subscription saves me money. It allows me to try a lot of high-end beauty at a low cost, and most of the time I wouldn't use an entire full-size product anyway. And if I really like something, I can invest in a full-size version.

Carolyn: I second the TJ Maxx recommendation. Also Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack. I like Bliss products and always used to buy online. The do have occasional good sales but the best prices are in these stores. I just look for my regular products every time I go in as it is hit and miss.

Tori: Morphe Brushes are really good! They are affordable and their makeup is also really nice, love their eyeshadow palettes. Also, I always use drugstore mascara because I realized the trick is actually the brush and most of the formulas are the same. Maybelline is good with mascara. Also, I raid TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Nordstrom Rack. Also HauteLook always has random sales on just about everything so I always check that.

Emily: I second drugstore mascara. I've always exclusively bought ones on sale and it's worked out 90% of the time.

Amanda: I tend to shop for expensive makeup; I grew up stealing my mom’s Clinique products so I wasn’t really trawling CVS. However, the Sephora Collection masks are $3 to $6 and fantastic. I particularly like the foot and hair masks.

-Alicia 🐶