Happy Labor Day!

We're so excited for this long weekend - and for the start of fall. We have just a few items of note for you all. First, if you're interested in checking out Amazon's Whole Foods sale, be sure to check out our blog post beforehand. Some of those deals may not be as good as they seem! Additionally, our designer Jemma is chronicling her trip to Europe on our Instagram in our latest travel money diary. Look for a post soon on our blog from Jemma recapping the trip! 

Be sure to pick up a copy of Rise of The Rocket Girls by Nathalia Holt over the weekend from your library or favorite local bookstore. Our September book club starts today! Feel free to tweet questions at us, or share pictures of your book in the wild using the tag #shespendsreads on Instagram.

Finally, for our New York babes, be sure to sign up for our first event - EMPOWERING WOMEN THROUGH PERSONAL FINANCE, which will be held at New Women Space in Brooklyn. We're working on hosting more events soon. If you want one in your city, hit us up! 

- Alicia šŸ¶