We Checked Out Amazon's Whole Foods Sales - Here's What We Thought

Thinking about hitting up Whole Foods for some of those sweet Amazon deals? Not so fast, She Spends fam.

In last week’s newsletter, we highlighted that Amazon will lower some of the prices on Whole Foods groceries, particularly avocados. This is a part of Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, which closed on Monday.

We had a look around yesterday and while the move is a great one for Amazon from a business standpoint, the new prices still leave something to be desired for consumers.

Take, for example, those avocados. They’re now $1.49 apiece, a price that’s... fine? But seasoned shoppers know that better deals on avocados are at our other favorite health foods store - Trader Joe’s. There you can score a bag of six teeny tiny avocados for just $3.50.

Trader Joe's also out does Whole Foods when it comes to bananas. The store now offers the fruit for 49 cents per pound, but Trader Joe’s has them beat, charging 19 cents per banana, or roughly 48 cents per pound.

Gala apples are now $1.99 per pound at Whole Foods. This price is actually pretty reasonable, comparable to what local stores like Meijer charge.

Meanwhile, the price drop on responsibly farmed salmon - from $14.99 per pound to $9.99 per pound - is a deal you’ll want to take Whole Foods up on. That’s a reasonable price for ANY salmon, let alone fish that’s been raised responsibly.

A half gallon of almond milk rings up at $2.99 nowadays at Whole Foods. Walmart, ever competitive, is currently charging $2.98 for the same amount.

One deal we did like was just a weekly sale - the company is charging $5 for four cups of Icelandic Skyr yogurt. That’s a good deal for a fancy yogurt that can see prices north of $2.
Want more? Business Insider had an awesome breakdown of the price changes

Our takeaway: The Whole Foods sale got a ton of foot traffic through the door. My local store was insanely crowded during my lunch break today.

They’ll make residual sales on other produce, cheese, meats and bread.

This is great news for Amazon shareholders - it means the company’s retail strategy is working. But for customers, we recommend sticking to stores like Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Aldi or local markets that are known to have more reasonable prices.

What do you think? Did you check out the sales today?

- Alicia 🐶