She Spends' December Favorites

December was an exciting month at She Spends HQ. We announced our Betterment event, ran some of my favorite pieces, including a series on cryptocurrency and an interview with Veronica Dagher. We’re launching a new blog feature, where the three women behind She Spends share some of our favorites each month. Check out the first post below!

Best thing I bought

Alicia: Our tiny Christmas tree! My boyfriend and I bought a Charlie Brown tree for our first apartment for $15. It’s so cute! I also finally went to the dermatologist after nearly two years of dealing with adult acne. I’m looking forward to clearer skin (and not spending hundreds of dollars on miracle skin fixes from Sephora).

Amanda: I went to see Bruce Springsteen on Broadway. The show was very emotional and intimate. At a few points, Bruce stepped away from the mic, and you were in awe that you could still hear him in the Walter Kerr Theater.

Jemma: My boyfriend and I bought a Nintendo Switch. Zelda is amazing. I regret NOTHING. Also, I’m very into Pixi skincare and makeup lately. The quality is good and it's all cruelty-free.

Favorite app

Alicia: I downloaded Official Black Wall Street, which recommends local black-owned businesses, and Pocket Camp, which is Animal Crossing on your phone. Both are awesome.

Amanda: I’m using Duolingo to teach myself Italian for a family trip in April.

Jemma: I love my Spot On app for tracking my period and health. It's free, well-designed and run by Planned Parenthood.

Charity I supported

Alicia: I ran a fundraiser on Giving Tuesday for Savvy Ladies.

Amanda: I donated to the ACLU on the anniversary of Trump’s election. I also volunteered with Room to Grow and GOOD+ Foundation, which are charities that help children born into poverty. We’re also still running our Bottomless Closet fundraiser.

Jemma: Not a charity, but I am finally a card-carrying member of my political party.

Best thing I ate

Alicia: Sunbasket taught me to make chicken thighs, which I then made on my own. You have to sear them before baking. It’s perfect.

Amanda: My sister and my dad made individual homemade pecan pies.

Jemma: I made up a cheddar / chive / mustard scones recipe, and it saved me about $15 one week in my bagel costs.

Favorite media

Alicia: The “I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats” podcast is one of my favorite distractions lately. I’m watching Vanderpump Rules right now, which is also a fun distraction. The best thing I read was this article from Bloomberg on BlackRock and Vanguard about their growing pile of assets. Fascinating.

Amanda: Lady Bird and Star Wars were the best movies I saw recently. I’ve also been jamming to Reputation (burn me at the stake I DON’T CARE), “Hang With Me” by Robyn and Lorde’s cover of “I’m On Fire.”

Jemma: The best thing I watched this month was Glitch, a Netflix show about people that rise from the dead in a not-zombie way. It's Australian and part sci-fi series, part historical drama, and extremely my shit. I did a tarot-card career reading that was intensely accurate and gave me the personal guidance I need to push through to 2018.

-Alicia 🐶