October 2017 Survey Results: We heard you.

Last month we asked you, our readers, what we’re doing well and where we can improve. We collected your responses and met for a weekend to define where we want She Spends to go (face masks and tacos included). We’d like to share some awesome stories, criticism and love from our readers. Check it out!

We had 73 responses. 💥

Some of you have taken steps to increase your pay, investments, savings or further your career. Yes! That’s why we do this. 💪

  • “Been working on it for a while but I got a job paying 2x my previous hourly wage and was saving more before that!”
  • “I created a more comprehensive monthly budget than I had before. Now I can seriously track my spending and how much is going (and more importantly, staying) in my savings.”
  • “I have reviewed my finances sooner and made adjustments to my increase in salary to save it better - thanks to She Spends!”
  • “I have started to explore student loan refinance/consolidation.”
  • “Yes! I've advocated for a promotion and raise and got them!”

The She Spends section of the newsletter is the most interesting. So share the survey with your friends, we need more diverse voices there. 💸

  • More than half of you (53.4%) voted She Spends the most interesting section of the newsletter.
  • “I've donated more to charity after seeing how many girls make less than me and give more.”
  • “I love knowing how my spending compares to my peers -- there's really no other way to know.”
  • “I would love to see spending stories from older women, even just women in their 30s and 40s. What do they wish they'd know, what are they earning now, are they married? What do their partners/husbands earn?”
  • “I'm a shit saver so seeing other people do it motivates me and gives me ideas on how to put more money away.”
  • “It's really cool to see how people in the real world are spending and saving. Because I'm still in school, I feel like it's helpful for building my expectations for when I graduate.”

She Represents needs to be more personal. Agreed. We’re beginning to write more original content and interview awesome women. 💁‍♀️

  • “I like that this section features women dominating in the workplace in the world in general, but I think I would be more interested if it was at least partially filled with personal stories. “
  • “I think She Represents is great, but I generally feel that it focuses on women really, really high up in companies (e.g., CEOs, app developers, company founders). I'm stoked that women are rising to the top, but I don't easily relate to their stories. So maybe throw in some pieces about small victories and less glamorous jobs?”
  • “Maybe if it was possible to get a little more bio on these women, where did they start?”

Merchandise may not be the best idea for us yet. If we ever ask you to part with a dollar, we want to make sure there’s a clear benefit to you and a benefit to us. Read up on our values around transparency. If we ever run a fundraiser, you’ll know exactly what it’s for and why. 👛

  • Two in five She Spends readers (39.7%) wouldn’t pay for merch.
  • “Honestly, I think our society in general needs to tone down the "merch" mania. It consumes too many resources and exploits too many people in the process. Merch should be kept to things that directly relate to personal finance.”

Most heartwarming to us, 53% of respondents want to get involved in some way. That’s INSANE. We’ve already reached out to some of you to write blog posts, help with strategy and develop new content. If we missed ya, please reach out by emailing shespends@gmail.com and let us know how you want to contribute. Join our Facebook community to get your voice out there. We’re having conversations about savings, Bitcoin, the beauty industry and credit card debt. We can’t wait to hear from you. 💞

We’ve taken all of this feedback to heart, and we’re working to make She Spends the best resource it can be - for you. Peace, love and ETFs. ✌️

Jemma 🦄

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