Announcement: She Spends + Ellevest

We hear your concerns about investing — many readers have shared that they’re unsure where to start — so we’re partnering with Ellevest, a digital investment platform, to bridge that gap for our readers.

Ellevest was created by Sallie Krawcheck, formerly of Citi and Bank of America, to close the gender investing gap, which can cause women to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions, over the course of their lives. We feel that Ellevest is in line with She Spends’ mission to help women take control of their finances, and we’re excited to partner with them.

As an Ellevest affiliate, we will produce sponsored content quarterly. We will always make a note that the content is #sponsored, and this relationship will not affect our editorial judgement.

She Spends readers can also create a free investment plan with Ellevest using this link. For every free plan created through this link, regardless if you choose to invest, She Spends will earn $3. If you invest with Ellevest using that link, we earn $75. Earning extra cash helps us to grow the She Spends community by paying for podcast equipment, event venues and website maintenance.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Sound off in the comments section, or head over to our Facebook group.

(Note: This post has been updated to reflect changes to Ellevest's affiliate program.)

-Amanda 👡