The She Spends Mission and Core Values

This past weekend, the She Spends team met up in Brooklyn to redefine our values and focus our mission through the end of our first year. In addition to making major upgrades to She Spends, we worked out our mission and values. Check them out!

Our mission: The She Spends brand and community gives women and nonbinary people actionable tools to tackle the wage, investing and board seat gaps.

We also created a list of values:
• We encourage you to be smart and assertive about your money, and we promise to never talk down to you.
• We are ardent feminists, and we celebrate the diversity of our readers. 
• We believe in the importance of transparency when it comes to money, our community and any She Spends initiatives. 
• We offer our readers a safe space to be vulnerable about money and life ambitions. 
• We promote active kindness towards others and meaningful involvement in local communities.