Event Recap: How to Turn a Business Card Into A Relationship

Thank you to everyone who came out to the IA&A at Hillyer for our event with the Judy Greenwald Fund. It was so cool to meet so many women from our D.C. community in real life! It felt serendipitous that one of the pieces of art on the wall was called “Women in Labor,” which featured women working. For those who were unable to attend, we wanted to share a brief recap.

Saving Face: Where and How to Find Face Masks For Less

A big part of skincare is face masking, whether it’s to pamper yourself or if your skin is unruly and needs a lot of clay and sheet masks to keep it in line. Either way, the spa days and products can get expensive. Fortunately, a lot of quality masks can be found for cheap, sometimes in unexpected places.

How To Shop a Sample Sale

You’ve seen pieces on how to wear designer clothes on a budget and you’re probably no stranger to the T.J. Maxx and Marshall, but finding Stuart Weitzman heels for less than $100 still eludes you.

Sample sales are one way to access your favorite designer brands for less. It’s also my favorite way to collect interesting garments that I would have never been able to afford at full price (a $2,000 coat, even with a 90% discount, is still $200).

Travel Money Diaries: Lauren in Austin, Texas

Anyone who knows me well knows that budgeting is not my thing. So when I travel, I tend to go in with the following game plan: Live like a queen for the days that I am out of town and then, when I get back, work overtime and only eat soup until I replenish my savings. With that in my mind, I thought that this blog post about my trip to Austin, Texas, would be the perfect opportunity to attempt conscientiousness with my travel spending. Having friends to stay with for free was an awesome way to start my new thrifty ways!

How a Communications Specialist Bargain Shops for Work Clothes

At 24, I’d rather spend my money on “weekend clothes” (read: ripped jeans, ironic graphic tees, really big Free People sweaters and super impractical leather skirts), so I am an extreme workwear bargain-hunter. I never buy anything full price and I look for versatile pieces.

She Spends' December Favorites

She Spends' December Favorites

December was an exciting month at She Spends HQ. We announced our Betterment event, ran some of my favorite pieces, including a series on cryptocurrency and an interview with Veronica Dagher. We’re launching a new blog feature, where the three women behind She Spends share some of our favorites each month. Check out the first post below!